Dr. Sanjay Gupta, an ex-opposer of weed legalisation, has since changed his stance on the positive effects of weed, medically and otherwise.

But a lengthy article on legalization based on medical surveys, scientific studies and doctors’ opinions does nothing to push the case of weed, compared to the real impact of this simple inhalant – World Peace.

Unfortunately, no beauty pageant contestant has answered with this, but iat’s been here, right under our figurative noses, all these years. We just didn’t see it because SOME governments decided to criminalize it. (The rest followed.)


Consider this – weed has a lower addiction rate (10%) than certain medicines (~20%) and of course, the most popularly accepted inhalant – tobacco (30%).

Now consider this – unlike alcohol (a central nervous system depressant) weed has an uplifting effect. In short, it makes you happy. And hungry.

Let’s look at a small example before taking this knowledge to a global scale – groups of drunks have a high occurrence of outbreak of physical altercations. What’s the most dangerous thing a bunch of weed smokers would do? Laugh. Or eat. (Think of hippies. The most creative and free-spirited of souls. Totally harmless.)

Some simple comparisons:

Alcohol use contributes to aggressive and violent behavior. Marijuana use does not. An article published in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors reported that “alcohol is clearly the drug with the most evidence to support a direct intoxication-violence relationship,” whereas “cannabis reduces the likelihood of violence during intoxication.”

People die from alcohol use. Nobody dies from marijuana use. Except for smoking while falling off a cliff or other stupid things. But clumsiness is generally unrelated specifically to marijuana.

People die from alcohol overdoses. There has never been a fatal marijuana overdose. (There is no such thing as a marijuana overdose!) Although chocolate overdose is a known side-effect. A definite health concern!

Alcohol use damages the brain. Marijuana use does not. Read about the creative flower power generation. Or watch That 70s show. (They have a show about the weed generation. Take THAT alcohol!)

Alcohol use is linked to cancer. Marijuana use is not. Studies can show anything, I’m not personally convinced, since majority of marijuana use is coupled with nicotine, which has clear carcinogenic effects. I have read that marijuana can be used to help cancer patients, or any patients for that matter. (At least give it to the patients in our government hospitals. Would increase the perceived healthcare quality.)

Alcohol is more addictive than marijuana. Alcohol – major withdrawal symptoms. The only major withdrawal symptom of marijuana is…a return to normal diets. And that some people don’t seem funny anymore.

Alcohol use increases the risk of injury to the consumer. Marijuana use does not. According to the British Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, this is because: “Cannabis differs from alcohol … in one major respect. It does not seem to increase risk-taking behavior. This means that cannabis rarely contributes to violence either to others or to oneself, whereas alcohol use is a major factor in deliberate self-harm, domestic accidents and violence.” Interestingly enough, some research has even shown that marijuana use has been associated with a decreased risk of injury. (This excludes uncooperative bakers and hotel staff.)

Now, to get back to the elusive quest for World Peace – just keep everyone in positions of power permanently under the effect of weed. And see the world bloom into a happier, funnier place, filled with snacks, desserts and sweets. (Higher consumption rates would boost the economy and help the restaurant business too.)

(Update: A business idea – marijuana cylinders, to be placed in the ventilation ducts of all major public gathering places. Once legalized, this is going to be massive! Imagine all the conservative Gujju weddings with everyone high on weed. We’ll certainly be laughing more. And no, we can’t possibly eat any more than we already do at weddings. Sorry, marijuana.)

Perhaps the most telling and final of all arguments is that Miley Cyrus prefers weed over alcohol. Miley Cyrus!! If you can’t appreciate that, then you need to smoke some weed. Or maybe you need weed to appreciate Ms. Cyrus in the first place. Yeah, that makes more sense.