Reasonable take of the education scene in India.

Ashish Shakya

As you know, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of September every year to commemorate the birth of India’s most respected academician, Arindam Chaudhri. It is a day for educators to sit back and reflect upon the hellspawn that they have to put up with all their lives, and wonder what would have been had they chosen easier professions, like Bomb Disposal Expert or Wine Shop Owner in Riyadh.

Of course, not all teachers in India fit the stereotype of overlooked and underpaid slaves – some work at coaching classes. According to the Centre For Statistics That I Just Made Up, coaching classes account for 43% of the nation’s GDP. And that’s just the stretch outside Dadar station.

We’re the nation that loves studying so much that instead of doing it well once, we do it shoddily at three different places per subject per semester. I remember when coaching…

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